Mission and Values


Mission Statement

Mission Treatment outpatient clinics are committed to providing cost-effective, cutting edge, patient-specific opioid treatment services.  We provide medically-monitored services for persons with demonstrated opioid dependence, which allows the persons serviced to improve their quality of life through the reduction, or elimination, of the use of illicit chemicals, and reduce associated health problems.

Values Statement

It is Mission Treatment’s goal to foster an environment within which all employees will identify with, belief in, support, and maintain the following core values in their daily work performance:

  • Excellence
  • Fairness
  • Respect


is an attitude and way of being.  It is primarily personal, but it can also be shared among a group and even at a systems level.  It stems from beliefs and values that can be shaped and grown.  It is infectious in a positive way.  Attaining true excellence is always feasible when the attitude and desire are present.

Fairness encompasses honesty, sincerity, temperance, forthrightness, and wholeness.  It describes the quality of character that is looked for in a Mission Treatment employee.  In the workplace, this core value emphasizes integration and harmony in accomplishing the task at hand and in achieving the overall Mission Treatment mission.

Respect is the core value that asserts that every person who interacts with a Mission Treatment employee is an individual personality who has distinct spiritual qualities and immense possibilities for success.