Nurse – Henderson

Classification: Full Time

Job Description: A licensed nurse in the state of locale responsible for the administration of Medication as ordered by the Program Physician or Medical Director, and is responsible for maintaining accurate accounting of all medication inventories. The Dispensing Nurse will complete reports and maintain medication stock records as required by the State, Federal, DEA, Accreditation and Program and perform other duties as assigned by the Clinic Director or Medical Director.

Experience: This position requires appropriate licensure and certification as an LPN/LVN as required by the state. The LPN/LVN will also have one year of experience in drug dependency. Alternatively, the candidate may possess such a background and experience, coupled with a strong interest in drug dependency, such that it appears likely that she/he would be comfortable working in the field of drug dependency.

How to Apply: Submit application below.Resume must be in either Microsoft Word or pdf format to upload successfully and must include salary requirements.
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